Welcome to my crazy land…

So yes yes yes Im finally on wordpress… I have had a blog, (rmb blogspot.com??) say, like 5 yrs ago… It was at a time when I was suffering from depression… I started my blog to pour out my feelings, my opinions, the opinions that never mattered to anyone… No one ever took me serious… U see, people think im funny, witty, humorous… Well exactly why they never took me serious.. However, they have zero clue on how I would have felt, or what I had wanted to share… Many of my dreams and desires vanished with the weight of depression… So yes, im declaring loud and clear(dun b shocked!!), that im a depression patient… And I must say Im quite a strong headed one… Or maybe its not my time to go yet… Have tried stupid crazy things in life and still ALIVE and KICKING… Its been almost years since I took down my blog, due to a past heartbreak… But here I am… Again…. To just scribble away my thoughts… Firstly, I hope I didnt bore u… Secondly, I hope you will love the crazy me… And lastly wanna credit my Geet aka Jaanaa my lovely bestest fren a sister a twinie to me, a sweetheart for forcing back here… Initially, I was to have this blog for posting my creations… But I love blog more for my writing, so Ill be doing that here… Of course, ill share my creations here with linls to my tumblr as well… *yawn* OKay gtg now… Tmr wrk at 8am… So have to go sleep… Good nights all!!

ps: Did I mention my name?? Oh yeah Im Zaara TQ…. 😀

pps: Wnt to knw whats TQ?? Watch out my nxt post…. 😉

ppps: Im harmless and surely wont bite u if u thought I was boring… 😉


My first poll!!

Congratulations Sona Baby :)

Hello!! I am back again… So haven decide if I want to start an OS soon… But yeah I have some ideas floating in my brain… Before that, I wanna take this opportunity to heartily congratulate a dear fren of mine on her new employment… Sonaaaa baby, congo shongo jaan for getting hired as a reporter at TellyTadka… And of course you know that I know how much you had always wanted this, to work in the entertainment industry… And I know this is like your dream come true… I am so so so so happy for you… I wish you all the best for your new job… I know you would enjoy it… And I pray you get to meet Gurti, like you always wanted to… And also that you get to interview them… Just do your best and live it up!! As for those who bashed you or are gonna bash you, give a major royal ignore to them.. Because at the end of the day, its you who are answerable to your job and not these loosers… So never let anything discourage you and pull you down… Remember to only do what you are supposed to… And honestly, I am very sure Muni  Di have very tall hopes about you… Make her proud and us!! 😀 I am always behind u to support u and also protect you from loosers… Love you darling!!! Once again Congo Shongo!! 😀

ps: I might write up an OS soon… 😀 Keep visiting my crazy land… 😀